Activities at Changuu Private Island Paradise


Prison Island had been, centuries ago, a prison for slave trade; at the end of the 19th Century, it became the Quarantine Station for Zanzibar, Kenya, Uganda and Tanganyika territories. Moreover, when there were no quarantined passengers, it was the favourite resort of Zanzibaris to enjoy the suntan and bathing. Today, the intense history of this quiet island can be seen and enjoyed throughout the many natural and cultural activities and possibilities that the island offers. If that is your option, relaxing can be the main activity at Prison Island; lie by the pool facing the magical Stone Town of Zanzibar, and let time pass…


Making the best of this natural and cultural paradise, join the nature trails through the dense tropical forest, organized by the friendly management of Prison Island, with entertaining lectures on fauna and flora, the Giant Tortoises and the projects for their welfare, as well as an illustrative journey through the history of the islet through its artfully restored buildings.

Explore the clear sea, a thousand species of fish, with sea turtles that swim around just two yards from the shores with incredible corals. To protect these treasures, collecting shells from this island is forbidden.


In the incomparable setting of the Prison Ruins, under the clear and unspoiled African skies, enjoy the legendary venues of cultural dances with the most romantic candlelit dinner.

Day trips to Zanzibar Stone Town are the perfect chance to discover the Swahili culture, a happy mix of Africa and Arabia. Explore the winding narrow streets of Stone Town, classified as World Cultural Heritage, with ancient buildings, superb balconies, amazing sculptured doors, mosques, palaces and Livingstone’s House, among many other remarkable features.