Dining at Changuu Private Island Paradise


The mythical archipelago of Zanzibar has always been priceless for navigators: Persians, Assyrians, Egyptians, Phoenicians, Portuguese, Arabs, Indians… Everything began with slaves, ivory and gold trade. All these visitors, for ages, that fell in love with these magical islands, left behind flavours, old recipes, making today's Zanzibar the Spice Island, a mixture of delicious tastes and smells.

Prison Island observes, quietly, from the distance; its outline seen from the hectic Stone Town, but its magic can only be guessed from there. To feel it, you just need to get there, and get soaked by it!

In this Spice Island, the hotel's chef prepares a delicious variety of cuisine incorporating traditional Zanzibari elements as well as the freshest fish and seafood, a choice of settings and flavours to entice the most demanding palate. Or, if you prefer a pizza, why not? In this cosmopolitan archipelago, enjoy a delicious pizza al fresco overlooking the magnificently restored Prison ruins.

The dinners are just a fiesta to enhance your senses, at the incomparable setting of Mathew's Restaurant, that was completely renovated and keeping the spirit of the 19th Century. It retained most of its original objects as well as its unique charm, and it now incorporates the most delicious Swahili as well as international recipes.
During the day, spoil yourself lying at the white sandy beach overlooking the Stone Town, or get the best of the sunbath by the swimming pool.
As the sun sets, get ready for the Jailhouse Rock, joining the world famous parties of Prison Island, enjoying one (or more) of the endless list of our delicious cocktails.

From the warm welcome on arrival, with fresh coconuts, to parties (optional, indeed) that never ended before dawn, this paradise islet offers you the most diverse leisure possibilities.

The island offers you all; and the choice is all yours.