Facilities at Changuu Private Island Paradise


Prison Island is a place for nature lovers.

Home to the undisturbed Tortoise Sanctuary, surrounded by the pristine waters of the Indian Ocean, and with the 19th Century buildings that have been artfully restored, the island is a natural treasure at which options are many for activities, as well as relaxing. For centuries, Prison Island has been recommended for bathing, suntanning and exposure to the cool breeze…

The place is stylish, smart and exclusively elegant; with its delicious fresh water swimming pool and a floodlit tennis court inside the dense forest that covers the heart of the island.

The tropical forest is ideal for nature trails, with different flora and fauna, home of the Giant Aldabra tortoises, that have inhabited the island for the last 80 years, and that make the island one of the most important attractions in Zanzibar.

Worldwidely known for its magical balance between nature and culture, the magnificently restored Prison Ruins host the cultural and musical evening events in an incomparable setting.